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Lawn Mowers are something that you might need every time you need to fix your yard. How awkward it feels when you are in need of a Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower in 2017 and you know your neighbor has one. Not everyone would like borrowing, its tough and embarrassing as well. You will have no option left other then letting your grass grow. The best alternative is to get the Mower online. Since there are number of brands available today, it won’t cost you much this days to buy one. Those days when only few brands were available and they had their own price is gone, Now the number of brand and product has increased, you can choose from different alternatives depending on your need.

Grass is always beautiful, when it grows big and then you probably hire handyman to fix it for you. If you have your own Lawn Mower that would help you save your time and money. How fun is it to take care of your own yard yourself ? So recently our football field had some extra grass and we badly needed a Mower to make the field ready to play, therefore we had a mower to use, This is something that you might need always. Here we will be helping you choose the best lawn mower and avoid the worst. we even have an amazing guide about best weed eater here at pickbestlawnmower.

You will be given plenty of choices to choose between the Lawn Mowers , you will be provided with all the technical details of the product and Reviews to help you choose the Best Mower for your yard. Getting yourself related with all the mowers will not just help you choose the best mower but will guide you to avoid the worst. In the below table will be given overview of the 5 Best Lawn mowers and the details will be discussed later on.

The information provided in this article may not be 100% accurate, this are our personal opinion and some are others opinion. Please understand when we say best 5, this doesn’t mean this are the best and others are not. Here we have Reviewed 5 Best self propelled lawn mowers 2017 from our perspectives, which may not be accurate, since we do not know all the lawn mowers in the market and we do not know your needs.

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since we have had a lot of talk about this specific topic “lawn mower”, we might have some people who still do not know what it means. By the name you can it can work itself, you are correct though. LAWN MOWER are useful when your yard is hilly and you are lazy enough and you prefer a mower that can be run with less effort, I would say this is the perfect type of mower you need.


Honda best self propelled lawn mower

Customer Images by charles & mfig

Coming with Honda Engine this Honda Lawn Mower is so far the TOP Self Propelled Lawn Mower for the money. Talking about this amazing brand Honda, anyone who have experience in using Honda knows how cool it’s products are, How Durable and how fuel-efficient those are.


  • This Honda’s GCV160 engine is powerful, as well as fuel efficient, and moreover all Honda engines meets 50-state EPA and CARB emission levels. You do not need to pull to start anymore, you just need to turn the key, seems cool, isn’t it ?
  • Twin Blade System in this mower is really amazing which gives you great cut and the mulch system gives it perfection, there it’s four cutting surfaces provides finer clippings, which means it will have great mulch for your yard . You will happy to know that this Lawn Mower has 3 in 1 function, where you can Mulch, bag, or discharge. Simply slide the Clip Director and switch between the three cutting methods. Honda has packed skillfulness into this Mower. It has 6 cutting heights from range 1″ to 3 1/2″. you Just need to set the lever to the the required cutting height and you are off!. This feature permits you to urge even a lot of from your lawn mower. The rear wheel drive has 5 walking speeds from 0 to 4mph, you can select the pace most convenient to you


  • We can’t just keep telling the good sides only, this Lawn Mower has some really great features. The only things we liked less is the Large 8″inch wheels. 



Best Husqvarna lawn mower


Before getting into review, let me give a brief description about this company. Husqvarna is a swedish company and was found in 1689. It manufacture’s outdoor power products along with garden tractors, robotic mowers, chainsaws and trimmers. Therefore Husqvarna is a trusted name here.


  • Since our first choice was Honda, We discussed how amazing Honda engines are. Choosing the right Self Propelled Mower you have to choose the right engine, which indicates the overall performance of it. The HU700H comes with Honda gcv160 160cc 4-cycle OHV engine, which is fuel efficient and you can mow a lot of grass with less gas. Moreover, it is very easy to start and do not requires much pulling.
  • It comes with rear wheel drive system, therefore this self propelled lawn mower is easy to turn and the pace of the mower can be easily changed by putting pressure in the handle.
  • It’s 22-Inch, 3-in-1 steel mower deck which makes the mower awesome, which is the reason this mower to be in the top. This feature helps you side mulch, bag or discharge grass clippings.
  • It comes with 3 Position adjustable handle, which means the handle can be adjusted in three different positions. In spite of your height, you can have it changed depending on what you find comfortable. Even you can adjust the cutting height, you can also adjust it on your own. It also comes with single lever height claim agent which will make it easy to regulate the grass cutting height of the lawn mower.


  • Just because this mower is second in the list doesn’t mean you will find a lots of cons here. This is also another great mower.   The cons we can currently highlight is , this mower is heavy. I have seen many reviews saying this mower is heavy.


honda electric lawn mower

Yes, it’s Honda again. This Honda Lawn mowers are so good that you will find them very often, because of their amazing performance, great features and durability.


  • Again starting with engine, this Lawn Mowers comes with reliable engine making this lawn mower perfect. It’s not just us, you would find people around the web like this great lawn mower. This engine seems to be fuel efficient like other Honda mowers. Moreover its easy to start, you won’t require much pulling here.
  • This Lawn Mower is well known and appreciated for its mulching and bagging features. This feature allows you to mulch, bag, discharge, and shred leaves, or even a combo of mulching and bagging via slide the convenient Clip Director knob to decide on how much grass is bagged or mulched with out the necessity of instruments or costly attachments.
  • Special twin blade MicroCut method uses four cutting surfaces that outcomes in extremely fine clippings for advanced mulching and extra clippings per bag leading to a superb reduce, less time emptying the bag, and less work for you


  • coming into this section again, this mower is bit heavy, but this wont be much headache since it is self propelled.
  • Another cons is this mower is bit expensive as well compared to its feature.


poulan pro lawn mower

You probably have used or familiar with poulan pro’s other power tools, You might be not aware of this that poulan pro is affiliated with husqvarna, both Swedish company. Sounds cool, isn’t it ? All our best 5 seems to be interrelated.


If you are strong enough to handle the weight of the mower, that’s not going to trouble you. Weight can be a big issue, since you need to operate the mower yourself. We have mentioned many self propelled lawn mowers come up with higher weight and some are probably not that heavy. Before buying make sure to check the weight out.

  • Poulan pro 961420127 deck is provided with 3 in 1 unit, which means you can mulch, side-discharge or bag your clippings. You have enough choices between this three, you just need to switch to option whatever fits you best. But you probably may not find it convenient that its front wheel speed is fixed, you have to mow at that speed.
  • Coming to engine part, this mower comes with a an amazing 625Ex 150cc Briggs & Stratton Autochoke engine, it starts reliably and yes very fast. Since this isn’t auto start lawn mower but it wont require much pull to start. The motor simply handles mowing down tall grass on irregular ground or hills.
  • This great mower has 4 height adjusters along with 9 positions, which let you cut your yard like a pro. It helps you cut from your desired level, switching to different position not a big issue.
  • For easy movements poulan pro comes with 12 inch real wheel and 8 inch front wheel, this makes the mower movement easier.


  • Since our other mower’s wheel drive speed can be changed, unlike those mower in this self propelled lawn mower you cannot change the pace, so you have to mow at its speed. Which may trouble you a bit.


amazing poulan pro lawn mower


  • The Kohler XT6 OHV Engine here makes this lawn mower take place in the list. It wont require much pull to start this gas mower. Many user said this mower is reliable and starts at first pull.
  • There’s more, Its Tri-Cut Cutting System provides exceptional quality of cutting, which gets better by its durable 21-inch steel deck. Yes it also comes with 3 in 1 discharge, which gives you versatility. You can choose either to mulch, side discharge or bag your clippings .
  • If you’re searching for a mower which will prove be a beast, this could get on the highest of your list. This mower provides great performance and able to cut tall, thick or tall grasses as well as dry or wet grasses.


  • Some says front wheel height adjustment can be a weak point. This mower is really awesome, but still we have seen many people complaining about the same thing. Some says “front adjustment assembly is a mix of plastic and metal“.


Buying the best self propelled lawn mower needs a bit of effort, you just can’t go through some website reviews and get one, since its a lot of money. Now you have an overall idea about almost most of the mowers and you are probably planning to get buy one. Not so fast, wait ! Now you know the bad and good about this garden tool, It’s you who will take the final decision. If it’s for you then don’t hesitate, just go ahead and buy. If you believe you need a mower of fuel efficiency and durable, you would probably go for the one with Honda engine. If you prefer a cheaper one, you would go for other or you still can go with cheap Honda mower as well.




One main things to consider is, is your lawn mower making too much noise and your neighbor complaining about it. I know how awkward it feels when your neighbor comes and complains about your mower’s noise and there’s nothing more you can do. More or less almost most of the lawn mowers makes noise. Your choice can be a Honda Self propelled lawn mower for its less noise with better engine.

If you are living in a countryside far away from your neighbor, noise wouldn’t be a big issue for you.



No matter what the company promises about you about the mower’s service, this self propelled lawn mowers might require maintenance and probably can catch any issue time, no one knows. If you buy something with no warranty, there’s no one to help you with it. Getting a long warranty gives you less headache and let you mow with peace. While buying from Amazon, make sure you check its warranty period.



You will see a list of features with all the mowers you buy. Look deep into the features, this are something you will need while operating the mower. Let’s say the 3 in 1 features, you have probably seen this feature with all the lawn mowers, this helps to mulch, side discharge or mulch. The grass type can be an issue for cutting height adjustment, make sure you find it comfortable for you.



someone once said “Whoever buys cheap pays thrice“, keeping this quote in mind don’t always go for expensive one. Just don’t buy anything you find cheaper. In the mentioned above list you will find many great self propelled lawn mower with cheaper price and great performance.

You shouldn’t consider cheap or expensive. Keep in mind the price you are paying is it worthy ? will the mower able to provide you the service for the price you are paying ? Be wise and put a little effort while choosing a mower.



Most of the self propelled lawn mowers provides you variable speed and which can be adjusted while mowing. Some might provide fixed speed, which cannot be changed. But still if you prefer you need to change the speed of the mower while mowing, make sure to buy the one with variable speed.



If you are strong enough to handle the weight of the mower, that’s not going to trouble you. Weight can be a big issue, since you need to operate the mower yourself. We have mentioned many lawn mowers come up with higher weight and some are probably not that heavy. Before buying make sure to check the weight out.


 – First 5 Hours
Change oil
 – Every 8 Hours or Daily
 Check engine oil level Clean area around muffler and controls Clean finger guard
 – Every 25 Hours or Annually
 Clean air filter* Clean pre-cleaner*
 – Every 50 Hours or Annually
 Change engine oil Check muffler and spark arrester
 – Annually
 Replace air filter Replace pre-cleaner Replace spark plug Replace fuel filter Clean air cooling system*

* In dusty conditions or when airborne debris is present, clean more often.

courtesy: briggsandstratton

Self propelled lawn mowers are easy to operate unlike push mowers and this can be a wise choice if you want a mower that needs less effort. Some of the drawbacks you will have is to maintain it, but yes every mowers comes with a cons side. Maintaining is easy if you know how to maintain it.


Not all the mowers are made same, you need different tactics to maintain different brands mower. Even if you are expert in lawn mowers or you probably owned one before, still as a precaution make sure you read the user manual before.


Many brand won’t allow you to sharpen the blade, instead you need to change it. Don’t mow with dull blade, this will tear the grass blades.

Sharpening the blade is easier, but if you feel it to do it by some expert you can do that as well.

The first step is to disconnect the spark plug, power cord or removing the battery depends on your mower type.

If you are using a gas mower, tip it to the correct side so you don’t send gas or oil flooding into the carburetor. You’ll need your mower’s manual to find out what they recommend for this.

Wear gloves for safety, the dull blades might cut you also. Brace the blade in place and use a wrench to get rid of the bolt holding the blade on the motor shaft.

Hang the blade on a balancer or on a nail through the middle hole. If it doesn’t hang level, if one side is not up to the opposite, that’s the side you would like to file. Create simply a number of passes with the files and hang it once more to check however it balances. you’ll additionally check the edge with a bit of paper to check however it cuts. sharper is now better for your grass.

You still might make mistakes, make sure you check this VIDEO, before you sharpen the blade.


you don’t want your self propelled lawn mower to get damaged. If you’re feeling uncommon vibrations or hear abnormal noises like of a grinding sound, shut down your lawn mower at once. Disconnect the power supply (i.e. spark plug, battery, power cord) and check to visualize if the blade is bent or broken. A broken blade or motor shaft can build a lawn tool vibrate quite usual. Replace the blade. If that doesn’t stop the matter, contact a mechanic.


If your self propelled lawn mower doesn’t start make sure you check this.

Make sure to check if the key inserted or not (if there is one). You probably have forgot to insert to safety key.

If you have got self-charging electrical start like on the Honda best self propelled lawn mower 2017, and it’s been in storage for all winter, check its battery. Also check the battery’s charge if you have got a cordless lawn mower that’s not starting. Even if you wish you can switch to electric lawn mower.

If you have a gas mower, check the spark plug if there’s any damage. This won’t cost you much, consider replacing one.

Is there any gas within the carburettor? Clean it and see it goes. When it starts, if it runs rough, you’ll ought to clean the carburettor, or check the blade to envision if it’s broken and inflicting vibrations. If the motor sputters, check the air cleaner to envision if it’s clogged.


This includes tasks equivalent to inspecting, cleaning, and fixing. you must additionally disconnect the spark plug ignition wire. Ground it against the mower’s engine to stop the unit from beginning accidentally. whereas it’s necessary to keep up your mower, it ought to be done as safely as potential so as to avoid issues.


Changing oil is good for your self propelled lawn mower. This is a given, however it’s undoubtedly value mentioning. It’s vital to use high-end oil to stop the engine from seizing up. First, verify that the engine is heat. this can offer an entire evacuation and permit any impurities to empty out with the oil. future step is to let the oil unleash into a bucket/recycled milk jug.

There are 3 ways you can change the oil for your mower. You’ll be able to use a dipstick after tilting the mower by drain plug and an oil-extraction gadget. There’s no right or wrong technique, however you ought to use whichever one is most convenient for you. Replace the plug then and then add new oil to the engine. Finally, it’s vital to get rid of the used engine oil properly. do this by putting it in a very clean plastic container that’s lined with a tight-fighting lid. It’s necessary to not combine the oil with the other substances together with paint and gas. Then take the container to a service station, use center, or different location that accepts used oil.

Check out this video – How to change oil

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