Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower (TOP 5) for an incredible Garden

A well-done lawn makes the home look beautiful. But everything beautiful calls for the right tool. If you are planning to buy a lawn mower to tune the beauty of your lawn, then getting Best electric lawn mower is the best choice. Check out our Self propelled lawn mower reviews at PickBestLawnMower

An electric mower comes with many benefits, and this post will take you through our top five picks on Amazon. Read below to learn why we settled for them at the end you will have made your mind whether to buy one or to consider other models.

Our TOP 5 PICKS of Best Electric Lawn Mower

Green Works 25142 10 Amp 16-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower

You can now mow your lawn in a stunningly exciting way using this GreenWorks electric mower.

Why this electric lawn mower is the best pick?

  • Powerful: this mower features a 10 Amp electric motor that delivers enough power to cut even the toughest grass.
  • Ready to go: not many mowers will come fully assembled. And this means you’ll have to spend your precious time assembling the unit before its ready to go. Amazingly, by opening its box, you find a fully assembled mower. You’ll only need to tighten the four knobs on the handle.
  • Comes with a user guide: you can never go wrong when using this mower because it comes with a step by step user manual. But since it’s already assembled, you may not even need the manual if you manage to tighten the knobs at your handle.
  • Compact and ergonomic handle: the unit feels solid and more stable at work. Besides, it comes with an ergonomic handle at the top of the body, and this makes it easy to push when making your lawn. This handle also makes it easy for you to carry the unit. On top of this, the handle will fold down for easy storage. You can even hang it on the wall.
  • Adjustable cutting heights: even if your lawn has overgrown this should not worry you if you already have this mower in your store. You just need to push on the handle to move your mower up and down smoothly for your desired cutting heights.
  • Pretty quiet: its environment safe. This mower is far much quiet as compared to a gas mower. You can make your lawn without disturbing your neighbors or your sleepy children.
  • Easy to use: this mower is easy to push and will handle turns very well. Besides, its grass catching bag is a breeze to install and remove. Thanks to its 2—in-1 mulching and rear capabilities.
  • Little maintenance: regarding maintenance, this mower is almost maintenance free. The only thing you can do is to sharpen the blade once a year. The performance of its 16” cutting deck is amicable.
  • Cost effective: this lawn mower is budget friendly, and despite its size, it performs what it is designed to do. Again, forget battery replacement and fuel cost for good.
  • Warranty: It also comes in handy with a 4-year warranty, to affirm its high quality.


  • Small grass catcher bag. You will, therefore, need to empty the bag often. Although it is easy to empty it, it is somehow tiring.
  • Troublesome cord which you must take care of when operating the unit
  • Cushioning foam on the handle wear out easily

Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe 13-Amp 17-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

This lawn mower brings a revolution of its kind in lawn making. Right from power up to lawn clean up this unit is worth your money.

Why we recommend this electric lawn mower ?

  • Powerful and eco-friendly: it comes with a powerful 13-Amp motor which produces enough power just like a gas operated mower. It is, therefore, ideal for all types of lawns. More so, it is super easy to power it up just press the push button. It has zero carbon emissions, thus eco-friendly.
  • 7-position height adjustment lever: this adjustable lever allows you to control the cutting height of your grass. It has never been easier than this!
  • Great performance: this lawn mower will get the job done nicely. In a single pass, it will make a 17-inch wide path.
  • Easy to push and maneuver: it comes with rugged and all terrain wheels which will handle any landscape in your backyard.
  • Versatile: the Sun Joe is not just a lawn mower but can also convert to a mulcher. You can remove the rear bag so that grass clippings can get back into your lawn.
  • Safe: this mower comes with a safety switch that prevents accidental starting. This is a plus, especially when mowing with your children around. Kids cannot start it when the switch is engaged
  • A large 12-gallon capacity grass bag: your grass clippings will collect in this bag while mowing. Most lawn mowers in the market will never show when the grass bag is full, but the Sun Joe comes with a grass indicator window that will let you know when the bag is full. It also detaches easily, and this allows for convenient disposal.
  • Durable: its 17-inch décor is made of plastic and therefore rust-free. The blade is sturdy and cuts with precision. Besides, it is backed by a 2-year warranty. If anything fails or breaks within this time, you are guaranteed of a brand new mower at no cost.
  • Maintenance free: because it doesn’t use oil, gas and tune ups, it is hard to find anything wrong with this machine. Just clean it after use and keep the blade razor sharp.
  • Compact design: it has a collapsible handle that folds completely. This makes it easy to store as it takes a minimum space in your store. In addition, it is designed to be lightweight so you can easily move it from one place to another.


  • Poor bag design. Previous customers have complained that the handle of the bag comes out every time you try to empty it.
  • Lousy user guide

GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

Mow your lawn in fewer steps with this GreenWorks electric mower. With a 12 Amp motor, it will comfortably handle both high and wet grass.

What makes this electric lawn mower so great ?

  • Powerful: its 12 Amp electric motor generates high power enough to handle both high and wet grass. You don’t need to get gas all the time when making your lawn. Also, forget about the tune-ups.
  • Easy to maneuver: it comes with large front and rear wheels (7” and 10” which could be the largest). These wheels allow the mower to ride smoothly over humps and bumps in your lawn.
  • Adjustable height lever: it is easy and effortless to adjust the heights to your preference. Thanks to its spring-loaded lever. It will snap quickly in any of the 7-stops. So whether you’re tall or short, this mower will work so well for you.
  • 3-in-1 functionalities: it is a fantastic lawn maker. Whether you want to use rear bagging, side discharging or mulching this Greenworks 25022 give you the options. Besides, the rear bag will install easily, and its small size allows it to fit comfortably between the handle bars.
  • Durable steel deck: the steel deck is stronger and hard to break. Besides, its size (20 inches) gets your lawn done quicker and more efficiently.
  • Compact storage: just fasten the top part of the handlebar using the knob on each side and flip it down. You can get it back to its box and store it in the store. It’s also light and therefore easy to carry.
  • Easy to use: it activates with the bar running along the handle. Therefore you can even operate this mower with one hand. The handle is well padded to provide a comfortable grip. The start button is also simple.
  • No assembly required: this lawn maker will work straight out of the box. All you need is to fold up the handlebar and connect the cord, and you are ready to go. However, it comes with a user manual just in case you want to confirm something.
  • Eco-friendly: it is quiet compared to gas propelled lawn mowers. Also, it does not have carbon emissions thus environmentally safe


  • Moving with the cord is tedious

WORX WG782 Cordless electric Lawn Mower with IntelliCut

It is a great and powerful lawn mower with a run time of up to 40 minutes. It takes the chore out of mowing.

Why we choose this ?

  • Adjustable mowing heights: you can quickly adjust your mowing height to suit your needs from 1.8 to 3.3 inches.
  • Quick performance: with a 14-inch cutting width, this machine gets the job done faster.
  • Cordless: it is, therefore, less laborious since you don’t have to mind about the cord.
  • Powerful: it’s a battery operated lawn mower but the 24 volts battery delivers enough power to cut even the toughest grass. On a single charge, this mower can cut up to 10,000 square feet. Recharging the battery is another breeze.
  • Intellect technology: this technology adds torque when you are working on tough grass. It ensures that just enough power is available when you need it. You don’t have to bog down when mowing tough grass. The dial to Quiet function, allow you to mow any time of the day without disturbing your neighbors or sleeping children. It’s also emissions free hence environmentally friendly.
  • Special mulching blade: it comes with a special mulching blade that cut grass clippings better than the standard blades.
  • 3-in-1 cutting capabilities: it is designed for versatile needs. It can cut grass for mulching, bagging or rear discharge by itself, just engage the push button starting.
  • Easy to use and maneuver: comes with an easy to read power level indicator so you will know when it needs charging. The handlebar system is detachable for quick removal of the battery. You can also adjust the heights with one hand. Pushing and maneuvering around your bumpy lawn is easy.
  • Collapsible handlebar: the handlebar is well padded and collapses in seconds, for easy storage in compact spaces.
  • 2- Year warranty: it is backed by a 2-year limited warranty that guarantees you free repairs and even a new lawn mower in case it breakdown within the two years.


  • Regular breaks after 40 minutes to recharge the battery.

Black & Decker CM1936ZA 36V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

It is a lawn mower that will cut through grass with remarkable ease without guzzling gasoline.

What's so great about this ?

  • Self-propelled: this lawn mower runs on a powerful 36-volt battery. The battery is rechargeable from any household socket. This battery is very powerful and can handle lawn under 1/3 acre on a single charge. No hassle with cord management.
  • Ease of use: when you get out of the box, everything looks completely assembled apart from the handle which takes less than five minutes to start. Where it passes, it does a fine job. It also starts instantly with a key and quick pull of the handle.
  • Quality cut: just as expected this mower does a good job no matter the height of the grass (tall or medium). Amazingly, the quality of the cut does not change whether you bag, mulch or rear discharge.
  • 3 height adjustment: adjusting the height is another breeze. You can adjust it to fit your convenience. There is also a one-touch adjustment system you can use to set your blade. The height adjustment system is pressurized, so you only need to squeeze the handle to raise the mower to the highest cutting height.
  • No maintenance: the polymer deck is sturdy, and the axle design ensures that the mower will stand up many years despite the ruggedness of the terrain. During the 2 warranty years, you don’t need any replacement.
  • Value for money: although $400 may seem too high for a cordless mower. It is a fair price for a self-propelled and powerful mower that is backed by a 2-yeear warranty.
  • 3-in-1 switch: it has a simple switch on the deck that allows you to select the right mode for you (bagging, mulching and rear discharging)
  • Compact storage: this electric mower folds down easily for easy storage in small spaces.
  • Eco-friendly: since it is self-propelled. This lawn maker is quiet as compared to gas propelled mowers. Besides, it does not have carbon emissions.
  • 2 years warranty: you are guaranteed free replacement if any on your lawn mower within the two years.


  • The lead acid battery makes this electric mower too heavy to carry.

Best Electric Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2018

What is electric lawn mower ?

Typically electric lawn mowers are in two versions namely corded and the cordless mowers. A lot of research has been done to find out which is the best option, but no realistic product has been rated the very best.

It will also be unfair for me to suggest that a corded mower is better than a cordless mower or vice versa. Remember every user has unique preferences and as usual what works well for you may not work well for me. So it all depends on what preferences you have. the best buying guide for leaf blower is out:

Nonetheless, we can review both options, and then you weigh which appeals to you most. As for a corded mower, efficiency is guaranteed. It remains connected to the power source all through the operation. This means you’ll never leave your lawn half made because you’ve run out of power.

However, you will have to mind the cord while mowing, and this might be tiresome. For the cordless mower, you enjoy the freedom to go wherever you want to go without been limited by a fixed line. You can charge your battery ahead of your cutting time.

Your battery can take you to a maximum of 30-40 minutes. Therefore you may need to buy an extra battery lest you will end up with a half manicured lawn. Now you can decide which the best version is for.

How to select the best electric lawn mower

As for me I better hassle with the corded mower and have a constant efficiency. But because of the countless brands that look alike use the following criteria to select the best electric lawn mower for you.

  • Ease of use: this is a major consideration. For corded mowers, ease of use depends on the length of the cord. A long cord will help you to keep it untangled all times. It will also allow you to work on a large area without a lot of constraints. Make sure the mower you settle for is easy to maneuver even in bumpy terrains. A self-propelled electric mower can be a great choice.
  • Height adjustment: before buying your mower first check out how many height positions it offer. A mower with many height positions is the best as it gives you many options for a comfortable operation. In addition, know how the control levers work. Does it control all the wheels simultaneously? Or does every wheel have its own control ?
  • Motor power: we can’t talk of an electric mower without putting an emphasis on power. Remember you don’t want an embarrassment when making your lawn. As for electric lawn mowers, power is measured in Amperes, the more the amperes, the higher the RPM (speed) of the blades. High RPM means less resistance against tough grass. Make sure the motor of your mower delivers high power to cut through the toughest grass. A cordless electric mower that comes with an extra battery is a big plus.
  • Cut quality: everybody loves the consistency, and when it comes to the quality of the cut, consistency is a concern. The quality of cut can vary with a cordless mower because it loses charge over time. But for a corded mower, there is no loss of charge. Therefore this mower can do a perfect job all the time.
  • Maintenance: electric lawn mowers are typically maintenance free. Few maintenance practices include annual sharpening of the blade and oiling the inner side of the deck. However, the market is flooded with so many brands. To cut cost, some of them use substandard components and therefore they will need repair within a few months. To avoid such maintenance cost, make sure the unit is backed with a reasonable warranty.
  • Price: here is where most buyers go wrong. We believe that expensive products are the best, while we get what we pay for take care. There are still inexpensive electric mowers with amicable performance. Some expensive brands just ride on the good will on the market but will heart break you on arrival. Take the price of the electric mower and justify it against its features, performance, and warranty among others. This will help you know whether the product is worth the price. However, for the cordless mowers, a higher price indicates a high quality battery.
  • Battery indicator: not all cordless electric mowers will let you know when you’re running out of charge. For a cordless electric mower, choosing one with a battery indicator is a great option. So you can prepare to recharge the battery.
  • Starting mechanisms: most of the electric mowers are started with a key and a pull on the handle, others are started with a key and a button. Look for the starting mechanisms that you’re more comfortable with.
  • Safety features: safety cannot be overlooked when it comes to buying an electric mower. A good electric mower will have a safety switch to prevent accidental starting. Other safety features to consider include, guards around the deck and rubber flap behind the mower to keep the mowers foot off dirt.


As we wrap up this post, we believe you can now make a smart choice of the best electric lawn mower. You can review our top 5 picks and weigh if any is worth your preferences. After all, you are now informed what to look for. Fertilizing the lawn is a great way to keep your grass healthy, check out our guide.

New models will keep flooding the market, so you better keep up to date with the latest reviews for the best electric mowers in the market. Before leaving this page, please share with us what you settled for in the comment box below. Happy buying! Happy mowing!! We have an amazing article related to weed eater, check it out here:

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